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Well Its been awhile

Posted by lodomagic on February 20, 2007

Its been awhile since I’ve updated, basically between being a full time student, and a full time boyfriend, as well as finding time to work, do homework, etc, I kinda loose site of this blog.    I hope in due time that will change.

If you don’t know by now, Spring Training is finally here.  As a die hard Rockies (baseball) fan, spring training marks a wonderful time for me.  The cold dead months of winter are coming to a close, and the hope of following a winning team returns.  While I know the odds of the rockies winning something this year is slim,  I like a lot of cubs fans watch my team with the hope of what a new season brings.   It consumes me, almost to the point of being an addiction.   With that, lets feed this addiction further and take a look at some stories heading into this spring:

Q)  Will we miss Jennings?  What can we expect from Hirsh?

A)  While I didn’t really voice my opinion on this trade, I like a lot of baseball people think the rockies got a great deal here.  All reports hinted that Jennings was on his way out anyways, and I think its smart to get something before you loose  a guy in free agency.  With that said,  the something we got was a Gold Mine.   I don’t think its out of the relm of expectation to think Hirsh will at least be equal to Jennings pre 2006, and since he’s young, he can improve to become even better.   We might miss Jennings 2006 season, but then again,  I think Jennings might miss his 2006 season, as his performance would be very hard to duplicate, no matter what uniform he is wearing.

Q) Whats up with Catcher?

A) I fully expect Ianetta to break camp, unless he gets injured or is even less unproductive then Clint Barmes was last year.   When it comes to who is number 2, thats a greater question.  You have a catcher who never really has done much, but is a solid number 2 catcher in Torrialba, and then you got Lopez, who has had some great seasons, but seems to be in a sharp decline.   I think Lopez is the Higher risk Higher reward option while Torri is a what you see is what you get kinda deal.  My bets are on Lopez, because if this orginization wants to do something this year,  risk will be needed.

I hope to do be more active over the next few months, and add even more question answer type of post and such.  So please check back later.  Until then,  Go Rockies.


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