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No… I havn’t fallen off the face of the earth, and Niether have the Rockies.

Posted by lodomagic on May 2, 2006

Well, the Rockies lost yesterday 2-0, however they are still 15-11 and they are still a game and a half ahead of the San Fransico Sterio… I mean Giants.   If you going to get 1 hit, get one hit when the giants also loose.  Thats my theory.  Lets take a look at some stats here, and see where we can imrpove.

Sullivan .314/.364/.520/.884 – Earlier like most Rockies fans, I was hard on Sullivan, however if he continues to slug at a .520 clip and get on base at a .364 clip, then he will be manning center field for years to come.

 Barmes .252/.274/.374/.648 – To say that Barmes has struggled a bit would be an understatement. Hurdle should consider dropping Barmes in the order, and letting someone like Jason Smith, or Jamie Carrol get slotted in the Number 2 hole, with Helton still on the DL,  Smith and Carrol are getting a fair number of starts, and hitting number 2 would be a great way of using there stats to our advantage.  Earlier I was going to go through the team and see where we can upgrade, well if Barmes continues to struggle, this might be a place to get a 1 year filler until Tulo is ready (which might be sooner rather then later, considering how well he's doing at AA)

Holliday .255/.286/.472/.757 – Holliday has been heating up a bit, but he's struggled,  his numbers are almost as bad as Barmes, except for the higher slugging.  He needs to turn it up a notch, or the Rockies will be looking for a LF come July 31

Atkins .340/.413/.546/.959 – Well, Atkins has been good…. He's been very very good actually, if Atkins continues to play this well, the Rockies have a problem,  well Stewart spend the whole year in AA or AAA even if he's raking?  Will Atkins or Stewart Move to the outfield?  What about Jeff Baker?   At least this is a good problem to have.

Hawpe .354/.436/.656/1.093 –  For as good as Aktins has been, Hawpe has been better.  Slugging above .640 and getting on base.  I will admit, I wasn't sold on Hawpe before the seaon, but he's proving that he is the real deal.

Gonzalez .241/.267/.397/.663 – Gonzo has also struggled as well, but he seems to be turning it on also after hitting a homerun in flordia.  He really needs to get hot soon though, because Carrol and Smith have been good and threaten to push Gonzo back into the utility role.

Ardoin Bad/Worse/Ugly –  When does Torrealba come back?

Other notables:

Smith and Carrol have put up .878 and .813 OPS.

What would my lineup be until Helton Comes back??

1. Sullivan CF

2. Carrol/Smith 2b/1b

3. Atkins 3b

4. Hawpe RF

5. Holliday LF

6. Gonzalez 2b/1b

7. Barmes SS

8. Ojeda C

9. Pitcher


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