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What upgrades do we need part 1.

Posted by lodomagic on April 17, 2006

Well as promised last night, I said I would run down position by position of the rockies, and give my input on what can be upgraded if we are in contention by July 31.   For now, lets take a look at the outfield.

LF – I think Holliday is a star in the making,  and the rest of the league is starting to take notice as well, as evidence as to his participation on team USA in the WBC just last month.  Some things that worrry me about him however is that he 1) Has had his share of injury problems in the past, 2) Always seems to start of slow, and 3) Has Bores as an agent, which means the Rockies chances of being able to afford him in the future are very very slim.   Also his defense in LF has been suspect as well.  However if he's hitting like he normally does come July, there is no reason to replace him.  Looking at the farm system, we have guys like Seth Smith, Dextor Flowler, and even guys like Jeff Baker and Garret Atkins who can be moved to LF if Holliday gets to pricey in the future.  So for now,  LF is not a hole on this team.

CF – Here we have Sullivan, who I don't think is much more then a 4th outfielder.  He just doesn't have enough power in the bat to be a middle of the order hitter, and he doesn't walk enough and provide a good enough OBP to be a top of the order hitter.  A good team could hide him in the 7 or 8 spot of the lineup, but we aren't and elite team yet.  What he does provide is solid fielding in CF, so he could be usefull as a late innings replacement, but if July 31 comes around, and Sullivan his hitting .280 with an OBP of .330 or so,  it might be smart to see if we can get a CF to come our way.  In the system we have Choo Freeman, Ryan Salazar, and maybe Piedra can slide over and play CF, but all in all, there really isn't an impact outfielder until you hit about single A.  CF would be a great position to try to upgrade come July 31. 

RF – Here is a tricky one.  Hawpe has great minor league numbers, and a great arm in RF.  Recently he's been on a tear, and leads the club right now with 4 homeruns.  However, aside from this year, he has yet to prove himself for a full season in the big leagues.  If Hawpe can continue to produce like he has been, then he should be ok to help the team with a post season push.  I think CF is the more pressing needs among our outfield right now anyways.  

 I will post the SP, RP, and Infield thoughts later on (either later on today or sometime tomorrow)


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