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An update

Posted by lodomagic on April 17, 2006

Well, I've been very very busy this past week and havn't had much time to post about the rockies, with Easter, and Heading into finals and such,  April has just been a very busy month.   But here is a quick update.

I must ask, what is with this years Rockies?   It seems that we can now all of the sudden hit on the road, but when it comes to playing at the greatest hitting park ever built we get performances like today.  Rockies took 2/3 against the D-Backs and swept the Pads, but came back home only to win 1 againt the phils, however they were in all three games which is a positive step.  It look as if Zach Day will be the odd man out once BK is ready to come back, and I must I don't think any of my fellow bloggers will be sad to see him go.  

Strikeout watch

Well the Rockies have improved a bit, in  113 innings they only have struck out 85 times,  thats still a high number, however there strikeout an inning rate is going down, and thats a good sign.

Table Setter Watch

Well both Barmes and Sullivan have batting averages over .300 which is a good sign and Barmes is sporting an OBP of .321 and Sullivan has an OBP of .339,  I would like to see these a little higher, but if Sullivan can stay around a .340 OBP and Barmes above .320 we won't be too bad…. I think.


The Monforts have been on recored this year saying that if this team is in contention by July they might be buyers on the trade market, and with poker chips such as Shealy, Spilborghs, Closser, and Baker, a question that I would like my readers to ponder is what does this team need to upgrade if they are in the race come July 31?  I hope to, in the up and coming days,  run through position by position, and give my take on each starter, and see if it would be worth our while to upgrade that spot.   Until then…. see you later


2 Responses to “An update”

  1. Randall said


    You cannot judge a tree by its bark…

  2. Squidoo said

    Lewis Smile

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