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The new Road Warriors – Colorado Rockies

Posted by lodomagic on April 10, 2006

Something amazing has happened, something that hasn't happened in quite some time… the Rockies Swept San Diego – On the road. Yup, that same team, who for years and years, have had the hardest time winning games on the road… swept a team. And it wasn't even close, 10-4 Friday, 12-4 yesterday, and 10-4 today. for a total of 32 runs. Fill in Jason Smith hit 3 homeruns including 2 today, and Eli (I didn't want him on the team) Marrero came up big this series, as did Garret Atkins and Brad Hawpe. Helton continues to recieve the Barry Bonds treatment, but he also continues to be a double's machine.

Top of the Order Watch

Well Sulivan and Barmes had a decent series, so maybe me harping on them earlier was a case of small sample size, however non-the-less, I would still like to track the TOL this year:

 18/56 for a .321 average, however still just 2 walks between the both of them, thats something to watch and be concerned over.  This series, they went 13/31 for a .419 average,  see what happens when we set the table?  We win.

Strikeout watch.

Before this series, the rockies were k-ing at a rate of 1 strikeout per inning, lets see if this trend is holding…

In Fridays game they struck out 10 times, in Saturdays game they struck out 9 times, and in Sunday's game they struck out 11 tims,  thats 30 strike outs, or an average of 10 strikouts a game.  In the 59 innings played so far this season, the Rockies have struck out 59 times, or still 1 an inning,  so this is something to keep our eyes on.  If the Rockies continue to strike out at such a high rate,  we are going to see more games like the ones against the D-Backs, then the ones against the Padres.  

And finally,  Danny (all field no hit) Ardion, got a hit. 


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