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What the…..

Posted by lodomagic on April 7, 2006

Well, last nights game was ugly.  I didn't get to see it because I had to go to my girlfriends band concernt, but by looking at the box score,  I can tell you that a band concert was much more entertaining then last nights game.  The Rockies lost badly to the Snakes – 12-5.  Watching and looking at the box scores over the past three games, I have noticed a very disturbing stat.  In Wednesdays game, the D-Backs starter Hernandez struck out 8 in 5 innings, and last nights game, Batista struck out 11, in 7 innings.  Put all three games together and the rockies have struck out 29 times in 29 innings, or basically 1 strike out an inning.  If this trend continues, the Rockies have a long season ahead of them.   I don't know what batting coach Duane Espy is telling these guys, but what ever it is,  it's not working.

Also, Francis couldn't follow up the great outings Cook and Jennings had,  in 4.1 innings pitched, he game up 5 runs and while walking 6 batters and hitting anouther batter.  The bullpen didn't do much better, 7 runs, 6 earned, and walking 5.  I would really like to know what Apadaca has told Francis, because I know that this isn't the same kid that was comming up through the system, with great control numbers.  In his minor league career, Francis gave up a total of 82 walks, and struck out 388 in 346 innings,.  His MLB numbers? 89 walks, 163 k's, in 224.2 innings.  I have a hard time, that Francis magically forgot how to throw a strike.

The good news?  Well Holliday finally got a hit, and it was a homerun,  imagine what it would have been like if he came through on Wednesday.  And Helton is still batting .500, and Atkins is starting strong as well.   

The bad news?  Sullivan was 0/3 with 2 k's, and Ardoin still hasn't had a hit yet.  

Top of the order watch.  

5/25 with still 1 walk between the two of them (Barmes and Sullivan)

Today we have Josh Fogg going against the Padres Chris Young, at Petco Park.  I hate to sound not pestamistic, but I wouldn't bet money that the Rockies win today.


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