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You Can’t Eat Dinner, without setting the table first.

Posted by lodomagic on April 6, 2006

Wel, game 2 of the 2006 season didn't turn out as well as game 1.  Cook started where he left off last year, pitching 7 innings allowing 3 runs and 6 hits, and an impressive 16-3 ground-ball to fly-ball ratio.  

Helton also had a good day going 2-2 with 2 doubles, before seeing the Barry Bonds Treatment.

Other then that however, there was very little offense in the air tonight.   Holliday had 3 k's and went 0-4, Hawpe couldn't add on to his good day yesterday, posting a big 0-4, and well Ardoin might be a great catcher, but I don't think he could hit his way out of a wet paper bag.  More concerning is the 8 k's that Hernandez got tonight.  Lets be honest,  Hernandez isn't that great of a pitcher anymore,  and if a guy who has a hard time topping out at 90 MPH on the radar gun,  gets 8'ks thats not a good sign of things to come.  5 runs in 2 games for a team that plays in a hitters heaven, isn't a good sign.   Lets hope this team can turn it around on the road.

Anouther topic of discussion would be the table setters in the order, that means you, Barmes, and Sullivan.  Combined they are 3 for 17 with 1 walk so far these first two games, and the one walk was nullified by a stupid baserunning error by Sullivan in the bottom of the ninth.  So far this has not been a great model for a dynamic offense, and if the rockies have any hopes of improving their record this year, it starts at the top.  You can't eat dinner without setting the table first. 


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